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About Enculture Institute of Research and Program Development
Founded in 2013, Enculture Institute of Research and Program Development is 100% woman and minority owned. We bring the perspective of the underserved to research and program development. With this worldview underserved populations are more likely to be included and our mission for social change will evolve through federal, state, and local partnership. We are collaborators whose goal of social change is pursued with the help of stakeholders, professionals, children and families, and front line staff. Our experience include working with populations from toddlers to the elderly, from child welfare to criminal justice, and from local to federal communities. We are better prepared to overcome the barriers to inclusion that other organizations may face. 

Dr. Corrine Ann Dale, the Founder and Principal Investigator, envisions an institute that embrace diversity and build upon cultural sensitivity to implement research studies that empower and connect vulnerable populations. She has participated in research studies that included the development of child and adolescent assessments.  Her experience with vulnerable populations span 20 years and include treatment and program development in the mental health, child protection, and juvenile justice fields. Female offenders have been and continue to be a focus of the Founder  as well as the development of programs for untreated and undertreated populations.