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Pending and Future Projects

1.NIMH Tralational Therapy-Develop and validate Tralational Therapy, a trauma and relational based treatment for children and adolescents. Tralational Therapy addresses the absence of relational treatment for trauma exposed children and adolescents.  

2.NIMH-The Female Juvenile Assessment is a proposed assessment instrument for female juvenile offenders with substance abuse and mental health symptoms.  

3 NIH-An Analysis of Neglect: The basis of healthy growth and development is aimed at filling the gap in services for victims of child neglect.

4.NIMH-The Trauma Mental Assessment for Counseling: A trauma based assessment protocol for children and adolescents in the child welfare system.

5.NIH- Tralational Therapy for Substance Abusing Women Offenders is a holistic approach to addiction, trauma, and mental health treatment for females on probation and parole.

6.DOJ-NIC-Substance Abuse Treatment for Female Offenders(DOJ-NIC)-a partnership with the National Institute of Correction aimed at assessing the need for a Women's Institute that implements gender responsive services in the criminal justice system.

At Enculture Institute of Research and Program Development we work with populations that are high risk and underserved. They receive media exposure that is negative and that highlight the need for an organization that is aimed at championing their cause. To demonstrate this need we present recent news coverage of these vulnerable populations.
Child Abuse and Neglect
Before she came to be known as Baby Hope, Anjelica Castillo lived with seven people in the Queens apartment where she was killed. None of them spoke up when she vanished one summer day. (New York Times)
Female Offenders
Female criminals are least likely to admit to their crimes. While about to be executed, women will usually express love for their criminal partners, and still refuse to admit guilt. Females make up a little over 10% of the U.S. prison population, but their crimes are becoming more violent. (national Crime and Courts)
Mental Health
News Of Note to Enculture Institute of Research and Program Development
In hindsight, it may seem clear that Aaron Alexis, who went on a shooting rampage at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, posed a threat long before the attack, but most mental health experts say that barring the rare few who declare their intentions, it can be extremely difficult to pick out people who are likely to commit murder.  (New Your Times)